GT Transfer Form

If your child was identified and participating in GT services in another public school district - and will now enroll in SBISD - you may apply to have their GT status transferred. We require a copy of GT records (sometimes called a profile or matrix) and test scores from the previous district. Please note that all districts use a different identification standard. If the SBISD Transfer Committee requires more information to make a decision, your child may be offered the opportunity for additional testing.

General Information

Spring Branch ISD

Parent/Guardian Permission For Assessment And Participation

My typed name below represents my signature and confirms my permission for Spring Branch ISD to assess my child for advanced learning opportunities, such as gifted services or acceleration, and for my child to participate in any such services for which he or she is identified. Additionally, my signature confirms my understanding and agreement/permission that if gifted services are required during 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade, my child will be bused on SBISD school buses to Bendwood Elementary.

Previous GT Screening

Parent Inventory

Please, complete the rest of this form, so we may better understand your child’s needs. Simply read the descriptors below and select the one that best describes your child, Choice 1 or Choice 2.

  1. Choice 1 Enjoys school often OR Choice 2 Enjoys self-directed learning
  2. Choice 1 Is receptive-attentive to learning and ideas OR Choice 2 Is intense-mentally and physically involved
  3. Choice 1 Prefers company of age peers OR Choice 2 Prefers company of older peers/adults
  4. Choice 1 Highly interested OR Choice 2 Highly curious
  5. Choice 1 Remembers the answers OR Choice 2 Asks the unexpected questions
  6. Choice 1 Pleased with own learning OR Choice 2 Self-critical
  7. Choice 1 Has good ideas OR Choice 2 Has wild and unusual ideas
  8. Choice 1 Good memorizer OR Choice 2 Good guesser
  9. Choice 1 Works hard to achieve OR Choice 2 Knows without working hard
  10. Choice 1 Is accurate and complete OR Choice 2 Is original and continually developing

Please use this space to provide any additional information you would like the placement committee to consider, including your child’s greatest strength and why.

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