SBISD GT Parent Referral/Teacher Recommendation Form

Student ID is required to submit this form, please have it ready before submitting it. If you do not know your student's ID, please contact their campus to obtain it before proceeding. Please note that this link works best with Google Chrome. If you are using any other browser, you will need to make sure that you receive a confirmation email when you submit the form. If you do not receive a confirmation email, use another device and submit the referral again. Be sure to double-check the email address you submit on this form, as that is where your confirmation email will be sent. An incorrect email address will delay the referral process. Spring Branch ISD follows the Texas State Plan and includes multiple measures when evaluating students for gifted services. Results from the GT referral will be available in the Skyward Parent Portal by the end of February.

General Information

Spring Branch ISD

Parent/Guardian Permission For Assessment And Participation

Previous GT Screening

Parent Inventory

Please complete the rest of this form so that we may better understand your child’s needs. Please read the descriptors below and select the one that best describes your child, Choice 1 or Choice 2.

  1. 1: Enjoys school often OR 2: Enjoys self-directed learning
  2. 1: Is receptive-attentive to learning and ideas OR 2: Is intense-mentally and physically involved
  3. 1: Prefers company of age peers OR 2: Prefers company of older peers/adults
  4. 1: Highly interested OR 2: Highly curious
  5. 1: Remembers the answers OR 2: Asks the unexpected questions
  6. 1: Pleased with own learning OR 2: Self-critical
  7. 1: Has good ideas OR 2: Has wild and unusual ideas
  8. 1: Good memorizer OR 2: Good guesser
  9. 1: Works hard to achieve OR 2: Knows without working hard
  10. 1: Is accurate and complete OR 2: Is original and continually developing

Please comment or provide examples relating to any of the questions on this form or other traits that you see in your child that demonstrate characteristics of a gifted child.

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